Somatic Meditation Workshop with Fiona Wright

25th Jun 2017
10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Mindfullness Based Somatic Meditation
with Fiona Wright


on Sunday June 25th

at Gastard Village Hall, Velley Hill, Gastard, Corsham, Wilts.

10am – 1pm (Workshp 10am – 12.30pm followed by tea and cake)

This work is based on a mix of the ancient wisdom of traditional Hatha Yoga, Buddhist practices and modern Mindfulness based practices, combined with the latest research in mind-body science and therapies. There will be an opportunity to explore a secular body focused meditation that can enhance day to day experience and perhaps develop self enquiry and understanding.

Body focused (or somatic) meditation practices can bypass the challenges of the wandering mind and lead to helpful and interesting insights.

Fiona will lead us in a mixture of gentle meditative movement interspersed with stillness and enquiry. Resources to use at home can be provided.

Suitable for either experienced or new meditators.

Please note: If you have a history of PTSD or are in the process of a challenging experience (eg divorce, bereavement etc) please contact Fiona prior to registering for this workshop.  Anyone is welcome to get int touch with her if they have any queries at all regarding the work:

For booking please contact Naomi:

Cost: £25

About Fiona

“I have been doing yoga and meditation all my adult life, these practices support both my professional work and enhance my personal life. I work as an Occupational Therapist and use Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in the NHS, recently completing a masters degree in CFS/ME and Mindfulness based approaches at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice. I have regular mindfulness based supervision, attend regular retreats with experienced Buddhist and secular mindfulness teachers and am training as a hatha yoga teacher with Claire Murphy.

I am constantly amazed by the wisdom of the body to provide insights and understandings that the conceptual mind cannot fathom and enjoy sharing these practices with others as a fellow journeyer rather than an expert.”

“The human body is already and always abiding in the meditative state, the domain of awakening—and we are just trying to gain entry” – Reginald Ray, The Awakening Body

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