Naomi Seager

” Naomi is a registered SYT (Senior Yoga Teacher) teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.”

“Naomi has a unique style of teaching. Her instruction and attention is fluid and consistent. You feel slowly glided along even in the more challenging sequences and she does so at a slow steady pace allowing her students to feel and connect to themselves. You feel fully supported and held by her, in the energetic sense. I feel that there is always something different in her classes, either with her asana teaching or her philosophy and I always leave feeling inspired, both by her and the practice she has helped me to have. I love her classes for the authenticity she offers and she creates in me. Naomi helps her students to be who they truly are in their yoga practice.”  Katie White, Yoga Teacher

“Naomi is a natural teacher and is passionate about her subject. Her extensive knowledge of yoga and yoga philosophy and the enthusiasm with which she shares it make her classes an absolute joy. The clarity and precision of her instruction have helped me to advance my yoga practice enormously in the past 3 years. I never leave one of her classes without  feeling mindful and focussed and having far more energy than I started with!”  Claire Newman-Williams

“I was amazed at the accuracy of Naomi’s insights with very little verbal information from me.  It seems the body can be read much like a book, as long as you know the language.  With a mixture of practical yoga poses and therapeutic techniques that allow muscle tension and holding patterns to ease off, Naomi safely guides and instructs you towards proper alignment and better physical and mental health.  I’m very grateful for my sessions with her, I feel stronger and much more able to access my energy. ”  Jemima, Yoga Teacher – Bath

Naomi’s journey into the heart of the healing arts of yoga began in 2001 when, after many years of being depressed, anxious and overweight and always looking for a way to feel better she chanced upon a yoga dvd.  Immediately she was hooked and gave up work, sold her flat and embarked on what was to be more than a decade of intensive transformational training and practice!  In the process she has accrued more than 1500 hours of study and 5000 of teaching.

Naomi aims to share the teachings of yoga that have brought so much freedom and joy to her own life in the hope that she may provide the opportunity for others to find whatever it is that they are looking for, be it improved health, fitness and stamina, ease and peace of mind, healing from old wounds (physical and emotional) or a richer spiritual life.

If you live in or around Chippenham in Wiltshire you are very welcome to attend any of the drop in classes listed on this site or book Naomi for a one to one class or yoga therapy session.
If you are from further afield check out the events section to see if Naomi is teaching a workshop, retreat or training near you or contact her on 07727 124097 to arrange an event in your area.

Potted History & Training

April 1997
Diploma in Intergretive Counselling

February 2002
Sivananda Teacher of Yoga

April 2004
Sivananda Master of Yoga

August 2008
Sivananda Baskarya

May 2009
Founded the Pranastar Studio, Eastbourne

October 2009
Licenced Anusara Inspired Teacher

April 2010
Anusara Pre-Natal Training

July 2010
Anusara Teacher Training Intensive

October 2010 and February 2011
Anusara Yoga Therapy Training

January 2011
Anodea Judith Chakra Studies

July 2014
Co-Founded Universal Yoga Teacher Training School

October 2014 onwards
Exploration into Scaravelli with Bill Wood and John Stirk

May 2015 onwards
Exploration into Healing and Energy work with Dr Jacqueline Hobbs