One to One

Use Yoga to heal!

The mindful and skillful application of yogic practice and alignment techniques can be used to help heal all manner of injuries, vulnerabilities and wounds be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
In one to one sessions Naomi creates and sensitively teaches specifically tailored practice sequences to help you deal with and recover from a vast variety of issues including lower back pain, joint pain, muscular pain, insomnia, asthma, auto-immune disorders, stress, anxiety, disordered eating and low energy to name but a few!  Have a look here for a more comprehensive list of the manifold benefits of yoga and the conditions with which it can help.
Naomi is also a trained and qualified counsellor and, although she is no longer practicing, uses the skills she has gained in this field when assessing and guiding you in your treatment.

“I first met Naomi when I volunteered to have yoga tuition demonstrated on me during a teacher training course, a situation which put me some way out of my comfort zone.  To say that Naomi put me at ease is an understatement.  Naomi’s astute observations revealed the wisdom of somebody who had taken the time to think scrutinously about her work; someone who is passionate about honestly assessing her clients’ needs and seeking genuine solutions; someone confident and creative enough to be in the moment and actually listen (both literally and intuitively) to what her client is communicating.  Needless to say, at a time when I was more than a little exhausted from the complications resulting from a motorcycle accident and a shoulder fracture, Naomi’s attentive, empathetic and caring approach came as an enormous relief.  Our subsequent sessions have so far helped me to recover almost full mobility and increasing strength, and each time I have been struck by Naomi’s breadth of knowledge and instinctive ingenuity.  Thank you!” S. Marquiss MA (Cantab.)

Call Naomi on 07727 124097 to talk about how yoga could help you and book a session.

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Naomi is available to work with yoga teachers to help develop their skills and and an intuitive, therapeutic approach to teaching.  She favours a collaborative, supportive approach to help you grow your teaching into your own, unique offering that you can deliver with confidence.  You can book a one-off session for support with a specific issue, or sign up for an ongoing program to benefit from her 15 years experience of teaching.